Every semester, some students are enrolled in more than one REP-offering class. As of Fall, 2013, the IRB/REP committee wants to make it clear that University policy states that students cannot “double dip”, that is, use extra credit points for credit in more than one class.

We have made a modification in the REP system to take effect in Fall 2013. Now, points will be divided equally between the number of classes in the REP system. The report that you receive at the end of the semester will identify if your students are registered in more than one class and the number of points that should be counted for your class (as well as total points earned.) So if a student registered in three classes earns 15 REP points, both 15 points and 5 points will appear on their report.

Sometimes students would like to apply all their REP points towards one class or allocate their points in a particular way. Students can allocate their points by logging on to the REP website and assigning the points in the "My Participation" menu.