Instructor FAQ

How many points to offer?

Psy 1001 offers 20 REP points—it works out to ~3-4% of the total points earned in the class. We suggest that you offer ~3-4% of the total points earned in the class.

REP announcements in your class?

Decide whether you are okay with having REP researchers contact you and come to your class to make an announcement for his or her study. 


Students must be in the REP database to receive credit for their REP participation. The most common reason for students not being in the REP database are either because the REP team doesn't know that you are offering REP points.

If you offer more than 20 points, your students may see their points "capped" at 20, but that is an artifact of the REP database. At the end of the semester, all of your students points will be reported to you.

Useful reminders for your students

  1. Remind students to keep a record of their participation that includes study number, researcher name and email. Of the 8,000 or so REP events that occur each semester (where an event is defined as a student being awarded points for participating in a REP study,) perhaps 200 students are not correctly awarded points, either because students are not in the database or because their University ID has been entered incorrectly. In order to track down mistakes, it helps to have study number and the names of researchers.
  2. If students show up for a study and the researcher does not, we award full points for the study even if the student doesn't participate. 
  3. Students can monitor the studies for which they sign up by going to the "to check your REP point record" link.