Planning: When, where, and who

When & Where

When in-person studies are allowed on campus, please conduct your in-person research during regular building hours on the University of Minnesota campus (8AM to ~ 9:00PM). When you call students to remind them of an event, call during regular calling hours (9AM to 9PM). Please do not schedule events on weekends when Elliott Hall is locked.

PLEASE be sensitive to the fact that some students feel vulnerable in isolated places with researchers. As much as is reasonable for experimental control, make sure that studies occur in 'public' labs and spaces with people around.

If the start time is critical for your study, mention this in the online description AND in the reminder email. Otherwise, schedule start times to allow a wait of 15 minutes for students who might be running late. If a student is more than 15 minutes late, you don't need to run the study or award points.


Each REP project should have a researcher or research assistants who will have access to the REP research site and will be responsible for keeping information up to date. As a primary researcher, you have a responsibility to make sure that students are compensated in a timely way for their participation in your research study and when you have finished recruiting, please toggle your project status to "completed" so students will no longer see your study and be tempted, then frustrated, by something they can no longer do.